To Save a Million Lives


COVID19 infections have led to an alarmingly high rate of respiratory failure from ARDS (acute respiratory distress syndrome), for which ventilator support is required to prevent death.

Our Solution

Our ultra-low-cost, emergency ventilator will address the basic needs of a patient in ARDS in ICU and emergency care settings. Our unique solution will meet the FDA regulatory standards issued under its emergency use authorization (EUA).

This system includes a reusable base unit with no patient contact and single-patient use disposable with HEPA filter for infection control.

With a target ASP well below current commercially available options, simplicity, source-ability, scale-ability and better durability than rudimentary automated ambu-bag squeezers, our solution vastly increases customers’ ability to expand emergency ICU ventilator capacity and stockpile inventory.

Our commercialized solution is geared for sustainability through this crisis including the current short-term supply and demand chaos, and preparation (stockpiling) for the next wave or pandemic.